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Learning Paths

Each student is unique and we believe that we learn better when we can apply our skills and knowledge to something we are truly interested in. Building on this ascertainment, the French programme at HKU developed personalized learning paths as a way to increase students engagement and foster their creativity and autonomy.

Personalized learning paths are experiential learning projects designed to be flexible and to address students own interests. The projects may take various forms such as attending an exhibition or event related to France, reading a book in French and writing a report about it, taking part in a group project on or outside the campus, etc.

In the course of the semester, students are encouraged to develop their own individual or group project with the purpose of connecting their studies of the French language and culture with another field or topic of their interest. Students are also given the opportunity to join existing project developed by the French programme team.

Personalized learning paths are offered as optional segment for the courses FREN2001, FREN2002, FREN3001, FREN3002. In these courses, projects are assessed by course lecturers and participants are awarded bonus points counting towards their overall lecture grade.


A collection of projects undertaken by students of the French Programme as part of their learning experience.

French at HKU: A video project

No one talks about our program like our students!
For this project, we invited students to produce a short video to introduce the French programme, talk about their learning experience and discuss the benefits and professional prospects of learning French.

The ILLSA Project

ILLSA is a funded UGC project co-organized by three leading universities in Hong Kong to give students the opportunity to develop their skills in Foreign languages as well as to explore the topic of “Healthy Cities”.

Rencontre avec Dany Laferrière

To celebrate the 19th Francophonie Festival in Hong Kong and the distinguished lecture by Academician Dany Laferrière at HKU, students were invited to participate in a project around this famous writer and emblematic figure of the Francophonie as well to familiarize themselves with his work.


Students of the HKU French Programme interact in French and Putonghua with Chinese learners at the Department of Chinese at the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (INALCO) in Paris, through the online SpeakShake video-calling platform.

Les mots de Muriel Barbery

As part of the 2023 Francophonie Festival and the inaugural conference by Muriel Barbery, students were invited to discover the work of this internationally renowned French novelist and to discuss some of the themes and characters in her novels.

Littérature Au Vol. Les Djinns

Littérature Au Vol is an original project presented as part of the Hong Kong edition of Novembre Numérique; a worldwide festival celebrating digital cultures.

Interactions HKU-Montpellier

For this project, students of French at HKU and students pursuing a Master in French as a Foreign Language (FLE) at Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier III, in France had the opportunity to discuss a set of prepared topics in French through a series of online interactions.

Saint-Antoine de Guy de Maupassant

Lire et discuter une nouvelle de Maupassant avec Véronique Cnockaert, professeure à l’Université du Québec à Montréal, spécialiste de la littérature du XIXème siècle et chercheuse en ethnocritique.

Littérature Au Vol. De la Terre à la Lune

Littérature Au Vol is an exciting project in which students have the opportunity to discuss, contextualize and interpret collectively a text by a major French author.

French in the Hong Kong linguistic landscape

In this project, students are invited to inquire the visibility of French language in Hong Kong by recording public and commercial signs in French in the form of advertisements, names of places, etc

Introducing French culture to secondary school students

Fostering a knowledge sharing culture among students is a great way to enrich the learner’s experience as well as to empower students to share the knowledge and skills they have acquired in class. Students of the French programme were given the opportunity to do this for a good cause.

A rendezvous with fragrance

In this project, student were given an unique opportunity to discover the world of one of the most famous French luxury house and fragrance maker and learn more about the art of perfume making.

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