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Littérature Au Vol. Les Djinns

Littérature Au Vol is an original project presented as part of the Hong Kong 2019 edition of Novembre Numérique; a worldwide festival celebrating digital cultures.


This year, a group of HKU French students worked on a video adaptation of Les Djinns, a poem by Victor Hugo. 

Les Djinns is one of the most famous poems by Victor Hugo, published in 1829 in his collection Les Orientales. The poem is distinguished by its very original form, in "crescendo" and "decrescendo". This form resonates with the poem which is the account of the crash caused by the passage of a swarm of djinns around the narrator's house.

The project offered students the opportunity to discuss, contextualize and interpret collectively the original text as well as to present their own vision of the poem.

Watch the video

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