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Past internship experiences

In the past, many students at HKU French programme have completed internships in French speaking organisations in Hong Kong and abroad. These include:

  • Alliance Française, Hong Kong

  • Consulat Général de France à Hong Kong & Macao

  • European Union Office to Hong Kong and Macao

  • Librairie Parenthèses, Hong Kong

  • Libraire Ancienne Indosiam, Hong Kong

  • French Chamber, Hong Kong

  • Hèrmes, Hong Kong

  • Kapok, Hong Kong

  • Interactive French, Hong Kong

  • Restaurant Le Grand Véfour, Paris, France

  • Talika, Danielle Roches, Paris, France

  • Cave Vercoquin, Lyon, France

  • Kidshop, Paris, France

Internships are a great form of experiential learning that gives student the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skill acquired in the classroom to a professional experience.  Through internships, students can gain practical work experience and develop new skills as well as an understanding of different work cultures.

FREN3034, your credited internship experience

The course FREN3034 - Internship for Students of French” offers a 6 credits internship learning experience. You will have an opportunity for experiential learning, earn credits towards your degree, and engage in a rich experience while working in a French speaking organisation or company in Hong Kong or abroad.

Internships may be conducted at any point between the summer before a student enters Year 3 and the second semester of Year 4. The duration of the internship will depend on the arrangement made between the student and the organisation, but should involve approx. 120 contact hours of committed service for the host organisation. Internships can be conducted during the semester (e.g. 8 hours/ week) or at full-time equivalent during the lecture-free period. Students should spend at least 15 working days with the organisation.


Staffing resources and operations mechanisms allowing, students will be assessed by the organisation contact throughout the duration of the internship and will also, if possible, receive a letter of reference from the organisation at the end of the internship. A written report (800-1,000 words) with a description, critical assessment of and reflection on the internship experience, will be assessed by the course supervisor at HKU.


The French programme have regular internship partners in Hong Kong and available positions will be advertised through relevant channels. Since the number of advertised positions is limited, you are strongly invited to make your own internship arrangements with an organisation of your choice. This must be done in liaison with the Director of the French Programme at HKU or the teacher in charge of FREN3034.

Required steps for FREN3034 internships

There are several steps required for your FREN3034 internship experience:

  1. Read more about FREN3034-Internship for students of French. You can download a copy of the course description and information here.

  2. Find an internship position. There are more than 800 French companies and organisations in Hong Kong. We encourage you to contact people and identify potential employers. The French Chamber in Hong Kong is also a good starting point. After you found an internship opportunity, you will need to contact the Director of the French Programme for pre-approval.

  3. Sign an internship agreement. Our standardized internship agreement specifies the condition of your internship and officializes your internship. This document is to be signed by all parties (student, SMLC, employer). You can download a copy of our Internship Agreement here.
    In addition, you will need to fill in a document entitled Application for FREN3034, Internship for Students of French. You can download a copy of the Application for FREN3034 here.


  4. Complete your internship with the host organisation.

  5.  Towards the end or after the completion of your internship you will need to submit a written report (800-1,000 words) in French or English with a description, critical assessment of and reflection on the internship experience. 
    In addition, you should also ask your employer/host organisation to fill our Employer Internship Report card. You can download a copy of the Employer Internship Report here. Submit these to document to finalize your FREN3034 internship experience.

Summary of required documents

  1. Internship Agreement

  2. Application for FREN3034, Internship for Students of French

  3. Written Report

  4. Employer Internship Report

FREN3034 SIS enrolment and timeframe for document submission

Note that FREN3034 enrolment on the SIS (Student Information System) can only be performed after the internship agreement has been signed by all parties and that you have submitted the document "Application for FREN3034". Please be aware of the registration period end date. Because of this timeframe restriction, it is common for students to enroll FREN3034 in the semester that follows the completion of their internship experience.

Please also note that all required documents should be submitted before the end of the semester you are enrolled in.

For assistance and enquiries, please contact Mr. Sylvain Holtermann.

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