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French Programme
Learning Outcomes

The French Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO) are aligned with the Arts Faculty Learning Outcomes and the University Educational Aims. The French Programme Learning Outcomes are defined as follow:

On successful completion of the major in French, students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a critical intellectual inquiry and life-long interest for the French language and culture, and their interconnectedness with Europe and the world.

  2. Understand major issues and debates in France today and critically appraise common representations and misconceptions of this country.

  3. Demonstrate an appreciation of the social and cultural environment of Europe, France and other French-speaking countries.

  4. Demonstrate awareness of commonalities and differences between the home and French cultures.

  5. Demonstrate strong communicative competency in French to discuss a variety of topics and collaborate using the French language.

  6. Play a facilitating role in interactions with the Francophone world.

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