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Why Study French?

Hundreds of HKU undergraduates have over the years enrolled in the French programme, contributing to make French a very popular subject at the University. Here are some of their reasons:


The University of Hong Kong French Language and Culture programme is the only programme in Hong Kong to offer a Minor and a Major in French. Our programme provides a holistic approach to French language and culture throughout introductory, advanced and capstone courses. 

Why Study French?​

  • The study and experience of a new language and culture increase our self-confidence and ability to communicate with, and better understand, people of different background.

  • The French language shares many linguistic and lexical features with other major European languages, such as Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish and of course, English, the world language today. The study of French helps us to better understand and perform in other languages.

  • French culture, the history of France have inspired many intellectuals, artists and scholars worldwide. Today, the position of France as a key cultural, political and economic state remains strong and influential.

  • French is spoken in several European countries and in various parts of the world. It is the official language in major world organizations. French is taught at school as first or second foreign language in many countries. There is a growing and thought-provoking French-speaking literature originating from the Francophone world.

  • France plays a leading role in the ongoing construction process of Europe, an increasingly significant partner for Asia. As French is widely spoken across the continent, traveling or studying there is greatly facilitated.

  • A good knowledge of the French language and culture enhances our profile and prospects in terms of professional career and further studies abroad, notably in France and Europe. Versatile communicators are also in demand in the corporate sector worldwide.

  • A good command of French makes the experience of a trip to France definitely more rewarding. French people in France are highly appreciative of visitors who take the trouble of communicating with them in French.

  • Studying French, however challenging it may be, allows us to look at this country beyond the traditional image of France as a romanticized place and a leading provider of fine fashion and cosmetics.

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