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French Alumni

We hope to inspire students and to make a positive impact on their life beyond graduation. Here, we proudly feature French alumni who have truly benefited from their French studies at HKU. Some of them went to further their studies in France and French speaking countries, some joined French companies in Hong Kong or abroad while others chose France to live, to work and to call their home.

Please contact us if you would like to share your experience and inspire others.

Basil Cheung

Basil graduated from HKU in 2021 with a BA in French after his semester exchange at the Université Lumières Lyon II in 2019. Having completed his undergraduate studies, he was referred by the French department of the HKU and was offered a position at Alliance Française de Hong Kong as a Cultural Project Officer, where he was one of the key persons in charge of a variety of French language and cultural events in the city, such as music concerts, visual art expos and the annual Hong Kong French Film Festival: a truly fruitful experience, especially the versatility required under the COVID pandemic.

Ruby SO

Ruby graduated in 2016 with BA in French & English Studies. During he studies she spent 2 semesters at the Université de Montréal in Canada. During her final semester, the active, sporty girl was invited to join the famous French sports company - DECATHLON as a part time ambassador. Her knowledge of French language and passion for communication made her stand out. Upon graduation, she then naturally joined the start-up team to launch the Hong Kong Project. Thanks to the journey of learning French at HKU, Ruby is lucky to find her position in DECATHLON which embraces diversity and enables her to be herself.

Arielle WATT

Arielle pursued her BA in European Studies at HKU from 2013 to 2016, during which she attended a summer intensive French course at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris 3). Upon graduation, she was awarded the Alexandre Yersin Scholarship to pursue a Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action at Sciences Po Paris. Currently interning at the United Nations as part of her graduate studies, Arielle hopes to work for international organisations in the future, and is glad that knowing French opens up a lot of doors in her field, the francophone world and the diplomatic arena.

Karthie LEE

Karthie graduated from HKU in 2013 with a BA in French. As one of the recipients of the prestigious Alexandre Yersin Scholarship, she completed a Master in Economic Law at Sciences Po Paris, with a joint-diploma at Columbia Law School in New York. Currently based in Casablanca in Morocco, working in Dentons, a large law firm, Karthie focuses on cross-border investment in Francophone Africa, reads laws and talks to her colleagues and friends in French on a daily basis.

Tiffany HO

Tiffany graduated from HKU in 2012 with a BA in French. Having worked in the marketing sector for 2 years, she then decided to spend one year in France on working holiday to further explore the country. She is currently working as a Business Development Executive at The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hong Kong. She supports French companies’ business development in the southern Chinese market. She enjoys working in an international environment where French, English and Chinese are used on a daily basis.

Karrie KWOK

Karrie graduated from HKU in 2012 with a BA in French and Comparative Literature. After graduating, she joined the multinational French wine and spirits group Pernod Ricard in Hong Kong. She now works as a Marketing Assistant for the group and has the opportunity to use French everyday with her colleagues and contacts.

Winnie KWONG

Winnie graduated in 2010 with a BA in French and Comparative Literature. In 2008, she went to summer school at L'Alliance Française in Lyon and then a year on exchange at L'Université de Paris Dauphine. Since 2011, she has been working at CHANEL in luxury retail industry and enjoys traveling to France for global conferences as a trainer, engaging her colleagues with luxury à la française. Apart from her career, the French program at HKU allowed her to connect with some close friends all over the world.

Timothée Zheng

Timothée graduated from HKU in 2009 with BSc in Chemistry and minor in French, he was the president of La Société Francaise de HKU. He continued his study in ESCP Europe in France for his Master degree in finance and management, and started his career in a French investment bank in Paris and moved back to Hong Kong staying in the same industry for more than a decade. French language and culture have a life-time influence on him, he has been making a lot of French speaking friends all over the world, and he is excited and proud to have his little daughter also practising the language.


Anna graduated from HKU in 2009 with a BA in French and Fine Art. She went to France soon after her graduation and has been living there ever since. She enrolled at the University of La Sorbonne in Paris and then completed her Master in Management at the EMLYON Business School in Lyon in 2014. Anna now lives in Paris where she works as a Senior Consultant for Ernst & Young.


Apple graduated from HKU in 2007 with a BA in English and French. Her first job was working as a flight attendant for Cathay Pacific. She then worked in an art gallery for a while before joining the sommelier diploma course at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. While studying in France, she spent 2 months working as a sommelier in a Michelin-starred restaurant. Apple is now back in Hong Kong and started her own wine consulting business. She works closely with France and French wine makers.

Cateline LEUNG

Cateline graduated in 2007 with BA in French. During her studies she spent one year of exchange in Université Paris-Dauphine. After graduation, Cateline started her career with Richemont-the Swiss luxury conglomerate and subsequently transferred to the Italian watch brand Panerai. She was a Committee Member of the French Alumni Assciation in charge of Events for 3 years. Cateline is currently working as the Marketing Manager of the Italian interior design studio Stefano Tordiglione Design. The French Program at HKU has enabled Cateline to be a culturally sensitive person. It has made her an open minded person, be more confident in achieving her personal and career goals.

Selina TING

Selina graduated from HKU in 1999 with a BA in Comparative Literature and French. She started her career in the art and cultural industry at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. In 2005, she was awarded a scholarship from the French Consulate and was admitted to study for a Master in Art History in Paris. Years later, she completed her PhD in curatorial studies in Paris, writing her thesis in French. Selina founded Paris based Art magazine InitiArt and worked as the Editor-in-Chief of White Wall Magazine. She is is currently the Editor-in-Chief of CoBo, an online platform on Art and Design.

Hestia LIU

Hestia graduated in 2018 with a BBA in Accounting in Finance, and a minor in French. During which she had an exchange in ESSEC (Paris) and a summer intensive French course in Bordeaux Alliance Français. She worked as a commercial analyst in a European firm for 2 years in Hong Kong. With her passion about digital business and data analytics, she continued to pursue a Msc in Data science and Business Analytics in Paris (ESSEC-centralesupélec partnership). She collaborated with a French consultancy firm to develop speech-recognition AI tools and was planning her graduate position in France as a Business Analyst. French studies has opened her options in Europe and allowed her to adapt to French commercial environment with ease.

Joseph LAU

Joseph graduated with a BA in French and English Studies in 2016. During his studies, he attended two summer schools France, one in Lyon (Université Catholique de Lyon) and the other in Paris (Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne). Studying French has contributed a lot to his development, both culturally and professionally. After graduation, he was able to find a two-month internship at musée Mundolingua, a museum of language, languages and linguistics in Paris. Upon his return to Hong Kong, he worked briefly at the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau, where he served as the assistant to the Deputy Consul-General. He is now doing the MSc Global Europe: Culture and Conflict at the LSE in London.

Janice YIP

Janice graduated from HKU in 2014 with a BA in French and Translation. After a semester of exchange at Université Paris-Dauphine, she was eager to further her studies in French. She enrolled in a Master of European Studies at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris 3) after graduation and she is expected to complete her studies in 2016. Her studies in French at HKU have opened up new opportunities in her academic life.

Soomi HONG

Soomi graduated from HKU in 2013 with a BBA degree. During her undergraduate years, she went on exchange at the University of Paris Dauphine and pursued her studies of French at HKU. She is now studying for a Master in Social Studies at the University of Geneva, doing her degree in French. Due to graduate in 2015, Soomi is planning to work for international organizations where French language would greatly help her communication with various members of the francophone community.


Ines received her BA degree majoring in English Studies and French in 2012. In 2014, after receiving her PGDE, she embarked on a two-year career in the hotel resort Club Med, serving mostly French customers in Mauritius and Hainan Island. Her daily duties included teaching archery, water aerobics, beach volleyball and flying trapeze - all in French. Having lunch and dinner with French guests every day improved her fluency immensely, and now she converses comfortably with her relatives in France, although sometimes inadvertently slipping into Mauritian Creole words, to the bafflement her French guests and colleagues.


Aurora graduated from HKU in 2012 with a BSocSc in French and Sociology. She is now working in a French web marketing company as a SEO expert/web editor. She also writes blogs and articles in French. Knowing French definitely helped her to land this job and reach a larger audience. Her exchange experience in Paris allowed her to immerse in the language and gain more insight of the country from within. As her bosses and colleagues are French, she is happy to have the chance of using the language on a daily basis.

Yandy WONG

Yandy Graduated with a major in French, minor in Business, Media and Cultural Studies in 2011. She took a summer course in France at Alliance Française in Lyon in 2010, followed by a semester of exchange in the university Jean-Moulin Lyon 3, which deepens her affection for the city. Awarded with Alexandre Yersin Scholarship, upon her bachelor graduation, she completed Master in Brand Management at INSEEC Lyon. After returning to Hong Kong, she worked as a Project Manager in Food and Beverage Department of Business France - French Trade Commission.

Charlotte YIP

Charlotte graduated from HKU in 2009 with a BA in Fine Art, minor in French and Journalism. For close to three years, Charlotte worked at the Asia communication office of Christie’s, the international auction house for fine arts and collectibles, where she worked closely with Christie’s President in Asia, François Curiel, as well as French colleagues from various departments. Charlotte is currently with the global arts communications agency Sutton PR Asia. Knowledge in French has proven very useful for her, especially when communicating with leading French medias and publications.

Stella CHU

Stella graduated from HKU in 2008 with a BA in French. She has been working in French companies of different sectors for four years, such as Louis Vuitton and TV5MONDE, the international French-speaking TV channel. In 2013, she moved to Paris to take up a new position in LVMH Group. She notes that the French Programme at HKU has enabled her not only to master the intricacies of the language, but also to prepare herself for her career and personal goals.

Maggie LEUNG

Maggie graduated from HKU in 2007 with a BA in French and Comparative Literature. She worked for 2 years as an Administrative Assistant in a local wine company, using French to gain a better insight of the wine industry in France. In 2010, she joined Ubifrance, the French Trade Commission in Hong Kong. In 2015, she started working for Danone in the waters section as Executive Assistant. French language continues to assist her work with both internal and external collaborators in her company’s network.

Daniel KWOK

Daniel graduated from HKU in 2006, with a BA in French & European Study. After graduation he worked for 2 years for the French Group Casino office in Hong Kong. In 2010, he was awarded the Alexandre Yersin Scholarship to study for a Master of Management in ESC Dijon, France. Since he completed his Master Daniel worked in the hospitality industry for 5 years. He is now a Lecturer in the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management at the Macau University of Science & Technology.

Edmond Lee

Edmond graduated from HKU in 1992, with a BA in Fine Arts. During his studies, he attended a summer school in Angers (Université Catholique d’Angers) and went to Agen for a work holiday. After graduation, he worked for 3 years as Executive officer in Hong Kong Government. In 1996, he was awarded the French Government Scholarship to study Master of Management in ESCP Europe, Paris. With a master’s degree in hand, he began his career in the French publishing industry. He is now the Head of Licensing in the publishing House – Humanoïdes Associés.

Nora LAM

Nora graduated in 2017 with a BA in French and Comparative Literature. She is a filmmaker and the director of the documentary “Lost in the Fumes”, the Film of Merit awarded by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society in 2017. Her career started when she started making documentaries in 2014 when she was still a student in HKU. She has also directed fictional short films since 2018. Her films have been screened in international film festivals such as International Film Festival Rotterdam. She is now working as director, scriptwriter and film editor for various commercial and independent film and TV productions.

Kate NG

Kate graduated in 2016 with a BA in French and Political Philosophy. Appreciative of the French Programme's holistic approach and sophisticated curriculum, she was inspired to live the language by taking a summer course in Strasbourg, doing an internship at Hong Kong's only French antique bookstore, Indosiam, and working part-time at Alliance Française. She joined the French Trade Commission as a Communications and Press Project Manager. She is now happily surrounded by daily "Frenchness" of French cheese, cuisine, music, literature and humour.

Wendy CHAN

Wendy (right on picture) graduated from HKU in 2013 with a BA in French. After a summer course in France, she started looking for an internship related to French culture and business. She joined the Alliance Française of Hong Kong where she was offered a full time position after her internship. Wendy works on cultural programmes and events such as "Le French May" and "Le French Cinépanorama" and has the opportunity to meet musicians, dancers, directors, author and other French artists. Without French she says, she wouldn't have been able to find this job she loves and enjoys so much.

Hilary Chan

Hilary graduated from HKU with a French Minor in 2013. She studied abroad at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), spent a year living in Paris and pursued her dream in becoming a professional portrait photographer, where French language, art culture and fashion inspired her work and style. Her knowledge of French allows her to connect with international audience and clients and broaden her exposure and life experiences.

Claire FONG

Claire graduated in 2010 with a BA in French and Philosophy. In 2007, she spent a year on exchange at Université de Paris Dauphine. Upon her graduation in 2010, she started working at French luxury house Hermès. In 2011, she was promoted as Communication Executive in the travel retail network in Asia Pacific region. Claire uses French on a daily basis and regularly travels to Paris for trainings and meetings.

Sherman HONG

Sherman graduated in 2012 with a Major in French and minors in European Studies and Psychology. After graduating she worked for two years in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, HKU as an executive assistant in charge of event management. Sherman is currently working for Business France - French Trade Commission in Hong Kong, a governmental organization, which aims to promote trade aboard and investments in France. French is her main language in the work place.

Jessica CHAN

Jessica graduated from HKU in 2009 with a BA in French and European Studies. After graduating, she worked at the French Trade Commission in Hong Kong. She is now working in a Hong Kong based French wine company as a Senior Sales Manager. Her knowledge in French helps her to communicate with wine estates, wine collectors and sommeliers in France and in Asia.

Zoe DU

Zoe graduated from HKU in 2009 with a BA in French and American Studies. She then went to France to study Corporate and Market Finance at the EDHEC Business School in Nice where completed her Master in 2012. In the meantime she has been working as an analyst for the Inter-American Development Bank as well as a financial controller at AXA Investment Managers. Zoe is now planning for her career in France in the field of finance.

Annie WANG

Annie graduated from HKU in 2007 with a BA in French and European Studies. Inspired by her dedicated French teachers at her alma mater during her French studies, Annie worked in different French companies upon her graduation. Her capabilities in marketing communications and events for these French organizations later paved the way for the founding of her company D’Evenitif Company Limited in 2016, where she has created the bridge between Hong Kong and the Nordics through her activities in introducing Nordic food and beverages in Hong Kong.

Joanna WONG

Joanna graduated from HKU in 2007 with a BA in French and Comparative literature. She moved to Paris after her graduation and is currently doing a PHD in visual arts at Université Panthéon Sorbonne. She is also working as a cultural mediator at the Fondation Cartier. As an artist, Joanna exhibits her work in art galleries across Europe and received a couple of distinctions. She also wrote articles about Hong Kong for the French newspapers Le Monde and Libération.

Cecile LUK

Cecile graduated from HKU in 2005, with a BA in French and English Literature. She started her career at the French Trade Commission during which she received training at the French Ministry of Finances in Paris and had the opportunity to bring her French to a professional level through her daily work with French colleagues. Cecile is now working as an Executive Officer for the Hong Kong Government. She also works as a registered free-lance French translator for the Government.

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