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Experiential learning is an essential part of learning at HKU.

We believe that students greatly benefit in learning by doing and that they should be given plenty of opportunities to apply their knowledge and develop their skills both inside and outside the classroom.

The French programme at HKU provides many opportunities for experiential learning in the form of Personalized Learning Paths projects, internships, summer courses in France and project based learning activities.


Benefits of experiential learning

There are many benefits to experiential learning. Experiential learning involves critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. It goes beyond the theoretical knowledge taught in the classroom to offer first hand experience, which further aids in the retention of new concepts and ideas. As the old adage sums it up: 

I hear and I forget 
I see and I remember 
I do and I understand

Another major benefit of experiential learning is the increased engagement levels of students. When they have first-hand involvement in solving a problem or executing an activity, they’re more likely to take ownership of the situation.

Other beneficial aspects which are widely recognized include building social skills, work ethic and practical expertise as well as a deeper understanding of the subject matter and the ability to engage in lifelong learning.


Make sure to check our gallery of projects which includes a selection of projects undertaken by students of the French Programme as part of their learning experience.

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