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The ILLSA Project

ILLSA (Integrated Language Learning and Social Awareness) is a funded UGC project co-organized by the University of Hong Kong /French Programme, Hong Kong Baptist University and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. This project aims at giving the opportunity to students to develop their skills in Foreign languages as well as to explore the topic of “Healthy Cities”. In one of these four languages, French, German, Italian or Spanish, participants reflect, analyze, research and implement a community project about the city they live in, looking to developing their and others awareness on health and urbanism.  

The French Programme at HKU has contributed to develop the ILLSA platform to give the opportunity to HKU students not only to improve their French language competences but as well to reflect and develop social awareness on their wellbeing. Students in Hong Kong are been paired with a team in Europe and together, they have filled in a e-portfolio to show and demonstrate their outstanding work.

In our previous cycles, the French section, of the ILLSA Project has received 61 participants from different universities in Hong Kong and Europe.

Among them, a selected group of 4 students, from Cycle 2, obtained an awarded trip to Paris for having created the best e-portfolio. These four creative students did research on activities that can improve quality of life in Hong Kong and Lüneburg. For their project, they took an eco-friendly approach to upcycle waste materials to usable Christmas decoration and promoted a healthier lifestyle to their community.

The purpose of this prize is to encourage the Hong Kong and Europe winners, after having studied together for 6 weeks, to finally meet in person in a French speaking country.

This is the reason why ILLSA will continue to award a trip to the chosen team for each of its future cycle until December 2020.

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