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French Major and Minor
and the GLAS Major


French Major and Minor
and the new Major in Global and Area Studies (GLAS)

October 2023

From the academic year 2024-25 onward, SMLC will offer a new Major in Global and Area Studies (GLAS). 

This new Major will combine and replace some Majors and Minors currently on offer in SMLC. If you have already declared a Minor or a Major in French or if you intend to do so, please take note of the following:


  1. The Minor in French will continue to be offered to all undergraduate students in HKU. Students will need to complete 6 core language courses (36 credits) to declare a Minor in French.

  2. All language Majors (including French) will be phased out over the next 4 years. What are the implications for current students Majoring in French?

    Students in years 2, 3 and 4 who have declared a Major in French can continue their studies with the prescribed core language courses (36 credits), electives (24 credits) and capstone course (6 credits). All electives will be offered to Major students just like they have been up until now. If students go on exchange, they will be able to take courses abroad and transfer credits.

  3. What happens to students who have just started their studies at HKU?

    All year 1 students who have enrolled in FREN1001 & FREN1002 this academic year (2023-24) can continue their French studies and declare a Major, taking language core courses and electives to fulfil the credit requirements of the French Major in the following 3 years.

    All year 1 students who have NOT enrolled in FREN1001 & FREN1002 this academic year (2023-24) but intend to enrol in FREN1001 & FREN1002 next academic year (2024-25) can still declare a Major in French and complete the required courses and credits within the following three years of study.

  4. Will the French Major run concurrently with the new GLAS Major so that all students who have just started studying French can finish the Major? The answer is YES. All language Majors will continue running until the 2023-24 cohort graduates in the year 2026-27. Students will be able to complete their studies in their chosen language Major.

  5. When will the French Major disappear? The French Major will not be offered to students entering HKU in the 2024-25 cohort. However, students will still be able to study French either as a Minor or as part of the GLAS Major, where they will be able to choose a language concentration in French (for more information please browse our GLAS website:

  6. Can current students choose the GLAS Major? Students from the 2023-24 cohort may be able to choose the new Major as of next year. They should approach SMLC office to get further information.

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