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Presidential Elections in France

April 28, 2022

Presidential Elections in France

HKU-HKBU Joint Seminar Series on European Politics

28 April 2022 (Thursday), 6.00-7.30 pm HKT (via Zoom)

All are welcome. No registration is necessary. The panel discussion will be recorded

Join our roundtable of experts for a discussion on the French presidential elections. We will

discuss the results, the candidates, their ideas for France and Europe, and how this may affect France's role in Europe and the world.

Joining us are:

  • Prof Alistair Cole (GIS, HKBU)

  • Sylvain Holtermann (French Programme, HKU)

  • Prof Pierre Landry (GPA, CUHK)

  • Dr Émilie Tran (European Studies, HKBU)

  • Dr Roland Vogt (European Studies, HKU)


  • Dr Stefan Auer (European Studies, HKU)

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