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COVID-19 Multilingual Infographics

APRIL, 2020

French Programme collaborates with HKUMed to create COVID-19 Multilingual Infographics.

With the pandemic a global crisis, measures have been enforced around the world. The pandemic has shown that facing this new coronavirus outbreak requires a multilateral effort from the global community.

A key line of defence against this pandemic is having access to accurate health and hygiene information for everyone. With this in mind, HKU Faculty of Medicine has collaborated with the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, HKU Faculty of Arts to translate and produce a series of #Healthographics, featuring tips on personal hygiene, social distancing and other safety measures. The slides are available in eight different languages, including: Japanese, Korean, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. We sincerely hope our collective efforts will ensure accurate and useful health and hygiene information is provided to all.

Translated multilingual infographics can be downloaded at:

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