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Overseas immersion language course



Overseas immersion language course

First or second semester

6 credits


100% coursework


FREN2002 or equivalent



Hours per week:


Contact hours:

At least 60 hours

Total learning hours:


This course provides an opportunity to study French and to experience linguistic and cultural immersion in a partner institution located in a French-speaking country. The course usually takes place in the summer months (e.g., June, July and/or August) and the duration of the stay may vary from two weeks to one month, but must include at least 60 hours of formal class tuition. Students typically take part in this course after the completion of their second year of language studies at HKU. The course is designed to build on and to reinforce the language competence acquired during the previous years of study as well as to prepare the participants for more advanced work in the final years of the programme.


To expand the participants’ proficiency in all aspects of the language; To offer a first-hand cultural and linguistic experience of the environment where the language is spoken; To better prepare the participants for more advanced work upon their return.

Learning outcomes

1) Apply a range of skills and strategies aiming at improving effectiveness of interaction and communication in the language; 2) Demonstrate renewed confidence in handling the written and spoken language through the acquisition of new vocabulary items and structures; 3) Show evidence of enhanced intercultural awareness and global perspective acquired through firsthand experience and engagement in an overseas French speaking environment.

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