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Internship for students of French



Internship for students of French

First, second or summer semester

6 credits


Distinction / Pass/ Fail


FREN2002 or equivalent



Hours per week:


Contact hours:


Total learning hours:


This FREN3034 course “Internship for Students of French” offers students an internship learning experience by allowing them to take their classroom knowledge into the community. Students will have an opportunity for experiential learning, earn credits towards their degree, and engage in a rich experience while working in an organisation that demonstrates a real impact on society. The internship experience draws on the French Programme coursework to encourage students to apply their classroom knowledge to work in organisations that demonstrate the use of French in the community.” Internships may be conducted at any point between the summer before a student enters Year 3 and the second semester of Year 4. The duration of the internship will depend on the arrangement made between the student and the organisation, but should involve approx. 120 contact hours of committed service for the host organisation. Internships can be conducted during the semester (e.g. 8 hours/ week) or at full-time equivalent during the lecture-free period. Students should spend at least 15 working days with the organisation. Staffing resources and operations mechanisms allowing, students will be assessed by the organisation contact throughout the duration of the internship and will also, if possible, receive a letter of reference from the organisation at the end of the internship. A written report (800-1,000 words) with a description, critical assessment of and reflection on the internship experience, will be assessed by the course supervisor at HKU. Students are asked to make their own internship arrangements with an organisation of their choice. They are asked to do this in liaison with a relevant teacher at the French Programme of HKU. Applications for FREN3034 internships, 1) detailing the internship opportunity, 2) outlining the framework (e.g. working hours/ schedule/ duration) and 3) containing a note of acceptance of the student as intern by the organisation should be sent to the SMLC Office AT LEAST one month before the start of the semester. An application template will be provided by the SMLC. The internship opportunity is vetted at HKU by the course supervisor, on the basis of the student’s written application to take the internship course. Students are only allowed to register for the FREN3034 Internship for Students of French once approval by the course supervisor has been obtained. Requirements for the course: 1. Students must submit a description of their proposed internship place, together with a note of acceptance of the student as intern by the organisation, for consideration to the SMLC, French Programme AT LEAST 1-month before the semester starts; 2. Approx. 120 contact hours (approx. 8 hours/ week during the semester, or full-time equivalent, on at least 15 working days) of service at the host organisation (to be scheduled with the contact at the host organisation); 3. Written report (800-1,000 words) on work/ project(s) conducted during the internship, critical assessment of and reflection on the internship experience to be submitted by a deadline stipulated by the course supervisor at HKU; 4. At least two meetings with the course supervisor to discuss the internship progress and the written report.


Provide an internship experience for students of the French Programme, SMLC; broaden students’ undergraduate education through experiential learning via an internship, and in the process acquire invaluable work experience through on-the-job training in organisations; help hone transferrable skills for a wide range of careers opened up by or related to a degree in French; provide the opportunity for students to recognise and assess their strengths and to identify areas in need of improvement.

Learning outcomes

1) Intern will become familiar with the work of the organisation and identify key ways in which the study of French cultures may be applied to meet the challenges of the community and/ or the workplace. 2) Intern will develop organisational and interpersonal skills through negotiating team and/ or individual projects and deadlines with organisational contact and course supervisor. 3) Intern will hone the necessary intellectual communicative and practical skills to communicate and collaborate with peers and supervisors, both within and outside the host organisation, in written and spoken modes, in a range of genres. 4) Intern will reflect on the experience of working in an organisation and how his/her academic experiences interact with the internship experience. Intern will hone transferable skills for a wide range of careers in Arts.

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