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Guided writing in French



Guided writing in French

First and second semester

6 credits


100% coursework


FREN2002 or equivalent



Hours per week:

4+1 hrs/week

Contact hours:

60 hours

Total learning hours:

140 hours

This course constitutes the capstone course and is required for graduation. In this course, participants will receive tuition and guidance to complete a 3500-4500 words piece of writing in French based on their experience and reflection about France and/or the French language and culture. Discussions with tutors will focus on developing students’ organisation skills, and ability to use discourse markers and text grammar to present their composition in a sequenced and coherent way.


The objectives of this course are: to increase students' confidence in their handling of written French, to stimulate creative writing and to enhance composition skills.

Learning outcomes

1) Demonstrate the ability to plan, research and complete an extended piece of writing in French. 2) Apply language skills at a level of upper-intermediate proficiency to communicate and collaborate in the target language. 3) Use the French language to discuss commonalities and differences between the home and French cultures. 4) Use the French language at a level of upper-intermediate proficiency consistent with level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

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