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French and Francophone cinema



French and Francophone cinema

First semester

6 credits


100% coursework


FREN2002 or equivalent



Hours per week:

2 hrs/week

Contact hours:

24 hours

Total learning hours:

120 hours

This course offers an introduction to French and Francophone cinema through a range of topics, such as its historical, cultural, economic development, popular genres, and major trends. These aspects will be discussed in relation to important issues in France and the rest of the Francophone world such as the question of identity and globalization. In addition, the course will explore the representation in films of various facets of the French society and culture. The medium of instruction and most of the materials used will be in French.


To identify major trends and periods in French speaking cinema. To identify and understand the main issues and debates that takes place today among French and Francophone filmmakers and within the film industry. To investigate cultural issues through the French speaking cinematic production. To develop a critical approach to film viewing. To expand French language proficiency in the various competencies.

Learning outcomes

1) Situate the major periods, trends and currents of French speaking cinema within a broad historical and cultural framework. 2) Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of cultural, societal aspects and current issues of contemporary France and other French-speaking societies as rendered through films. 3) Demonstrate the ability to understand, analyze critically and discuss perceptively French speaking film contents. 4) Use the French language at a level of upper-intermediate proficiency consistent with level B1+/B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

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