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You have chosen to study French but have some questions? Here, you will find everything you need to know to get started this semester.



I am year 1 or year 2 student with no previous knowledge of French


You should register for FREN1001 and FREN1002.


Each year, the French programme admits 125 students for its introductory course, FREN1001. To maximize your chances of admission, you should consider the following:


  • Priority is given to Y1 and Y2 students. This is to ensure that students can complete the 3-year curriculum in French.

  • Early applicants stand a better chance of being admitted than late applicants.

  • Applicants are strongly advised to register both FREN1001 AND FREN1002.

  • Students who intend to take French as a major are advised to inform the programme director by email (


I have previous knowledge of French and want to continue my studies


Please contact the programme director by email ( Based on your level of proficiency in French, we will determine which French course is suitable for you, discuss your study plan and assist you with the course registration procedure.

What will be the teaching arrangements for 2020-2021?


In view of the COVID-19 situation, the French programme follows the University recommendations and comply with its decisions regarding teaching and learning arrangements. The French programme is committed to the health and safety of its student community. In addition to face to face teaching (provided this option is available), our programme will offer students a complete online learning experience . As a student, you will be able to attend online lectures via Zoom, talk with your lecturer and collaborate with your fellow classmates.  You will also have access to the full range of French learning, training and evaluation material via HKU Moodle.

Please check with the COVID-19 INFO HUB on the University Main Page for the latest news on teaching and learning arrangements

Where can I find more information?



The HKU French website offers plenty of information and resources. Make sure to browse through the pages. We look forward to seeing you in the academic year 2020-201!

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