French/Chinese – Registers and genres



French/Chinese – Registers and genres

Second semester

6 credits


100% coursework


FREN1002 or equivalent


FREN2001or FREN2002

Hours per week:

2 hrs/week

Contact hours:

24 hours

Total learning hours:

120 hours

This course is intended to students of French at intermediate level who wish to improve their command of the language through the process of transferring meaning across languages. A number of issues arising from the translation of French materials into Chinese and, to a lesser extent, from Chinese into French, will be examined. The main focus will be on indispensable vocabulary and essential phrase structures. By way of class discussions and exercises, the participants will be encouraged to compare French and Chinese in the key areas of grammar, syntax and lexicon. Practical solutions will be proposed to address common errors and misconceptions caused by interferences with Chinese in the process of translation.


Translate successfully short phrases and texts from French to Chinese Demonstrate understanding of essential issues pertaining to the translation of French into Chinese Identify differences and similarities in Chinese and French at both linguistic and cultural levels Discuss translation issues using appropriate terminology

Learning outcomes

1) Produce Chinese target texts which correspond in terms of meaning, register, genre and cultural connotations with the corresponding French source texts. 2) Appraise texts in French for their salient features and in relation to translation methodology and approaches. 3) Recognize and respect appropriate stylistic and generic conventions in Chinese and French. 4) Discuss translation issues using appropriate terminology. 5) Use the French language at a level of upper-intermediate proficiency consistent with level B1+/B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

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