Decoding commercials in French



Decoding commercials in French

First or second semester

6 credits


100% coursework


FREN2002 or equivalent



Hours per week:

2 hrs/week

Contact hours:

24 hours

Total learning hours:

120 hours

Commercial advertising is often regarded as an art form, to the point that some advertisement campaigns have earned cult status. This course will examine a wide range of contemporary advertisements and commercials from France as well as from other French-speaking societies in the form of print materials, posters, and film footages. In this process, students shall be exposed to some of the basic techniques used in advertisements and commercials (iconography, narratives, design and layout, puns and humor, catch lines and rhetorical devices) as well as to the various messages and constructs one finds subsumed in these creations: social mythologies and representations, gender-based stereotyping and characterization, racial exoticization, and class politics, among others. The medium of discussion will be French.


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Learning outcomes

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