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FREN1001 French I.1
FREN1002 French I.2
FREN2001 French II.1
FREN2002 French II.2
FREN2027 French Culture and Society
FREN2221 A profile of Contemporary France
FREN3001 French III.1
FREN3002 French III.2
FREN3022 French and Francophone Cinema
FREN3024 French Literature of the 19th and 20th centuries
FREN3026 Conveying Otherness: French Imaginings of Asia
FREN3027 Decoding Commercials in French
FREN3028 The Art of Brevity in French
FREN3031 Maupassant Short Stories
FREN3033 French Popular Music
YLAN0005 An Introduction to France and the Francophone World
School of Modern Languages and Cultures
The University of Hong Kong