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FREN1001 - French I.1
FREN1002 - French I.2
FREN2001 - French II.1
FREN2002 - French II.2
FREN2027 - French Culture and Society
FREN2035 - Popular song culture in French
FREN2221 - A profile of Contemporary France
FREN3001 - French III.1
FREN3002 - French III.2
FREN3022 - French and Francophone Cinema
FREN3024 - Modern French Literature (19th and 20th centuries)
FREN3026 - Conveying Otherness: French Imaginings of Asia
FREN3027 - Decoding Commercials in French
FREN3028 - The Art of Brevity in French
FREN3031 - Maupassant Short Stories
YLAN0005 - An Introduction to France and the Francophone World
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